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We asked many "How does cannabis help you?"

"Cannabis completely shut down the very aggressive psoriatic arthritis I  had. Was on a shoebox full of meds including a biologic (humira). Pharma free and symptom free for four years now" - Doc Flower - @realmedicineMI

"I have Gastroparesis and interstitialcystitis. I quit all pills for #cannabis, which is not lethal, and my quality of life is better! I also no longer need a feeding tube to live!" - Lauren Houston@LegalizeitLaLa

Probably the MOST POWERFUL & moving testimonial that we've recieved is here below. Thank you for sharing !

My name is Ben, and I have post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD. I also suffer from extreme anxiety, manic depression and very extreme pain. December 3rd of 2006 my ex step-father shot me four times and shot and killed my mother in front of me. By the grace of God I was able to go for help as it was already too late for my mother. I died twice on the way to the hospital. When I awoke in ICU the first thing I heard from the doctor was welcome back to life.! That's when I had learned that my mother was dead. So I now suffer from these mental illnesses and pain from where I was shot. And since then the doctors have had me on every type of pill imaginable, at one time I was on 18 different medications. Since then I have gotten myself down to 6 medications. And the medications that these doctors are giving me are very hard narcotics. Such as morphine, oxycodone, Xanax and Valium. All because of someone else's choice that they made. And even with all this medication I am still anxious I am still depressed and I am still in constant pain. And since cannabis is still illegal here in the state of Indiana I cannot use it because I am drug tested 4 these hard narcotics that at any given time with one miscalculation of a dose can kill you. But there have been times where I have used cannabis and when I did that I had noticed that not only did it help my anxiety and depression it also help with my pain. To where I didn't have to hardly take any medication, I found myself able to sleep without having nightmares and was able to have a social life. We're like now it is hard for me to get out of my house because I am always anxious and and always worried about having a panic attack therefore I don't want to leave my room. I just truly wish that they would get this way the last here I was state of Indiana so people like me don't have to depend and become addicted to these narcotic drugs that are extremely dangerous and very unhealthy for you. I have witnessed too many die from prescription medication overdose, and I refuse to let that happen to me. #HOOAH - Ben W. (Last name withheld to uphold privacy. If you want your last name here Ben, please contact me and we'll add it with your consent.)

 Thank you for sharing your very powerful testimonial. God Bless !

"Cannabis allowed me to go from two 100mcg/h fentanyl patches down to only one of them and my upcoming appointment that last 100mcg patch will be replaced with a 75mcg/h patch this also includes a reduction of my dilaudid I was on 6 - 8 4mg tablets daily now barely 2 daily" - AngelKM420

" Our vets deserve access to every form of safe, effective relief there is  — and I hear from vets more and more every day that they find relief in  #cannabis. " - Rep Tim Walz - @RepTimWalz

"This is my story.i am a breast cancer survivor,I was first diagnosed in my twenty ,and then agine 4 years later ,I had went through radiation and surgery and chemo so when it came back it now had a name it was her2 I had a tumor almost three centimeters in size I had already went through 28 infusions of chemo,I have always been a small lady the chemo alone takes away more than just cancer cells and chemo is not a second option once you have it that's it so I went home to the reservation just basically to die where I felt the most love and contentment in my life,when I got to mesa I had an Indian medicine man introduce me to the pure CBD oils and with in two weeks I wasn't cured but I felt the need to get out of bed and feel the Arizona,sun on my skin ,so when I went back to see the doctors I told them I was feeling good but still was having sleep and eating problems I applied for and received my medical marijuana card ,I have been in remittancesince jan.2017 I weigh 129 lbs I'm chubby for the first time in my life I am healthy and most importantly o am cancer free.that you for hearing my story and I am praying that our President Trump legalizes this,not only for the medical purposes,but the tax revenue the jobs it creates,our schools and streets I have witnessed the benefits of this also the cutting out of drug cartels. " - Rhonda K

"It has helped me beat opiates from lower back pain and surgery. I have ptsd and major depression and divorced after 27 years, I lost my only child to suicide 3 years ago and came to Arizona to become legal and get the help I knew medical marijuana could do. I applied for my card, went to see a medical marijuana Dr and within 10 days the world opened up. I've been a long time marijuana smoker but until you can legally use it ... there are strains that help all types of issues: pain, appetite, depression [And more]. It comes many different ways but a legit dispensary is key with well trained, well versed people. it's just like walking into your favorite pharmacy or Walmart. You give them your card, you see a bud tender or just place your order that easy ..... The state can track your purchases so you don't start illegally selling if your legitimate about really needing it or just wanna get high please step aside. It's changed my life dramatically" - Russell S

"Hi, My name is Elizabeth everyone calls me "Jay" and I am a caregiver to my partner. We have been together for 9 years. In these 9 years my partner Jo has been thru a lot. In 2010 she was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometrial Cancer, which it had metastasized to her colon. When they told us what was wrong they told us if she wouldn't had came to the dr when she did she would have died wirhin the next 6 months.So she had a complete hysterectomy, lymphdectomy, and part of her colon removed. Well as we went back for her check up they decided to start chemotherapy and radiation. She went thru another surgery to put in a port and start sandwiching chemo. Well at the beginning of her the first chemo she had a severe allergic reaction so with that we had to be admitted in the hospital everytime we had chemo because of this reaction. So we spent many days and nights at the hospital to get these treatments. We had a total of 6 chemo in which two types of chemo drugs were put into her body at a slow rate. Then we had to do 27 radiation treatments which ended up giving her 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Well when went back to the dr for her follow up after the chemo and radiation treatment they informed us she had a rare genetic disease called the Lynch Syndrome. During this time yes she did smoke marijuana because it helped with the nausea and with the pain. Then she was introduced to the world of narcotic medication that ended up her becoming addicted. Well that went on for a few years until it went to other street drugs and then boom, in June of 2017 she got diagnosed with stage 3 renal failure. Well after an emergency admit in to the hospital they sent us to a nephrologist. They started running lots of test. In March of 2018 she was again emergency admitted into the hospital because her kidneys decide to stop working she had over 100 pounds of fluid on her body. They told us if she would have waited another 24 hrs she would have died. So here we are back at the hospital for 4 days. Sitting there watching her go thru so much. During our hospital stay they preformed a kidney biopsy which resulted in find out she has a very rare kidney disease called Fibrullary Glomerphritis. Which is a very progressive kidney disease and it progresses very rapidly. Now she is in stage 4 Acute Renal Failure and there is no fixing this. Soon they will begin dialysis. Her only option is a transplant. Yes, we are advocates of marijuana. It helps her eat, it helps with the nausea and vomiting, he pain and helps her sleep.She is 36 years old. She suffers from so much. It has kept her away narcotic drugs as well as other street drugs. This is my story and I beg the lawmakers to legalize marijuana. It helps her so much." - Elizabeth R

"It mitigates some of the pain I have and I laugh more easily than usual and it puts me in a better mood when life keeps giving you Lemons."

#yngdave @ blackyngdave1

" I was in a terrible car crash where my car flipped and ejected me to the asphalt landing head first, then shattered one of my vertebrae between my shoulders! I apparently died three time! The point to this is for everyone to better understand the pain that I have to push away!!! NOTHING helps the pain but, Cannabis 110% takes it away!!! And also calms my anxiety, blood pressure, temper, and just completely relaxes me!!!" - Justin T

"It helps ease the fibromyalgia, degernitive disks in my neck and Helps alot with my bipolarbrain" - KushCannaQueen @KushCannaQueen

"Cannabis keeps me from using anything stronger than motrin for my arthritis and back pain. If I don't medicate, I can't move without twinges if pain. Cannabis allows me to work a desk job without pain killers, that means I can focus and be sharp." - Mr*Bli$ter*Biznitch - @biffblisters

"@drsanjaygupta It’s absurd that someone is forced to not be able to use their medicine, b/c it is #cannabis and rather forced to use more harmful drugs such as #opiates - @NFL players are 4x more likely to become addicted to opiates - we MUST do better #weed4" - Dr. Michael Verbora  @mverbora

[Cannabis helps] "With chronic migraines n anxiety" - Angie_420 - @Stonergirl420

"It helps my insomnia at bedtime/anxiety in Indica strain. Sativa, I'm more relaxed. Things are easier; less stress." - Indiana420chicc @420IndianaChicc

"Cannabis helps to control chronic pain and nausea due to #gastroparesis" - Highdee - @ladybuggedhc

 "I suffer from anxiety disorders, panic attacks &  alot of mental health issues. Cannabis helps to fight mental disorders. I think this should be legal or decriminalized"  - Nathan

[Cannabis helps me with] "PTSD, Fibromyalgia, chronic nausea, major anxiety." - Ann Ee - @Ann01003310

[Cannabis helps me with] "Peace of Mind!!" - Mark @mfinley3190

"Allows perspective on my anxiety. Without just a bit of cannabis my anxieties kick my ass." - David B @ComOut4Cannabis

"Creating ideas of calm and peace and soul happiness ." Ian Christopher Came @spawnedian

"#weed4 I would like to share my experience with opioid. Two years ago I was taking 180 mg. of Morphine Sulfate. Time release morphine. Today I'm free of that drug. I did it by using pot. I no longer have the side effects of Opioids. So please give it a try. It really works well." - Bambi Yeley-Miller @YeleyBambi

"@drsanjaygupta I live in Colorado and have a VNS implant to control my severe epilepsy. I do not take any opiates thanks to cannabis. It has helped me through some difficult times. 

Thank you for what you are doing.

Feel free to contact me anytime.#weed4" - jBlakeSmith @JBlakeSmith1

"@drsanjaygupta #Weed4 Just watched show. As a DisMilVet, I want 2 thank you 4 Ur research. I've yet to receive proper med care 4 my mil disabilities. I no longer want chemicals in my body when there's a safe/natural alternative.

#VetWaitingInPainDaily" - JBtheVet @jdrummersoldier

"@CNN I’m a paralyzed Veteran. I’m afraid to use medical marijuana, in fear of losing my benefits. What can I do? I’m tired of being in pain and spasms. I wouldn’t have to take majority of my pills. #weed4" - Christine Simmons @Christinelitl

"@drsanjaygupta What it boils down to is the govt hasn't figured out how to make money off of something u can grow in ur own home! It's never been about unknown dangers. Pharma runs our country! #Weed4 #CannabisCures" - Greenly Medical Consulting @GreenlyMed

"I have fibro, cfs, Sjogrens, a rare anemia, seizures, depression, anxiety, and am agoraphobic. I'm a freaking mess. Lol. Weed eases pain and lessens anxiety. I am in that hyper-vigilance cycle so common with fibro. It sucks. Liberal. Follow me if you like or #DisabledResist" - #Adorkable#DiasbledResist @ dawnfbr

"@drsanjaygupta #Weed4 Just watched show. As a DisMilVet, I want 2 thank you 4 Ur research. I've yet to receive proper med care 4 my mil disabilities. I no longer want chemicals in my body when there's a safe/natural alternative.

#VetWaitingInPainDaily" - JBtheVet @jdrummersoldier

"I have been Using Marijuana to treat my conditions for years as it is the only thing that seems to give me a moment of peace and keep me together during my pain (physical and mental)" - Brandon H

"With cannabis and Simpson Oil I got rid of the opiates including Fentanyl that the doctor had addicted me to that's a fact when the doctor put me on fentanyl I became dependent upon it I don't like to be dependent on anything so I got angry I quit it all and the only way I could do it was with the help of cannabis and Simpson Oil for my arthritis pain" - Mark S

"Without it... I don't sleep or eat. Fibromyalgia gets out of control. Depression and anxiety spiral downhill. I have been saying for years it's my medicine" - Christine C

"11 different meds from heart meds to everything else I just take synthroid and take testosterone shots... before I was a walking zombie and no energy and no will to live....., medical marijuana has changed it all" - Steve M

"I have had insomnia since I was 12,depression in my 20's, fibromyalgia pain since my early 30's, lost my soulmate to a opioid addiction, one that I shared,quit everything cold turkey, told my Dr I was gonna smoke cannabis instead ( Ive been a long time social smoker) My best friend of 38 years has told me many times, I'm better than Ive ever been. No anxiety,I sleep,I eat,and my pain is under control. I wish my Bj could have smoked it" - Dawn N


"It helps every aspect of my life. It just gives me a sense of well being. And overall goodness." - Jory B

"Helps wake up appetite and keeps me sane with THIS horrible disease RA.." - Penny S

"Helps my pain levels brings them down a lot....

Where the pain pills only took the edge off." - Robert M

"Pain and sleep" - Kim K

"Patience with my severely developmentally disabled son, sleep, pain management for Fibromyalgia and migraines. Keeps me in more spiritually connected." - Sue D

"Pain, bi polar, anxiety. No more pills for me. Medical marijuana is the only thing that helps" - Linda T

"Depression" - Sandra E

"Stress, anxiety, pain" - Ynnohj Z

"Pain, anxiety, stomach troubles, and sleep!!" - Melissa C

"Helps me sleep at night because my heart medication will keep me up all night if I don't smoke" - Jamie G

"Stay focus" - Ron P

"Pain & sleep" - Patricia W

"Helps with pain n stress thank god for weed" - Melody D

"Cramping, IBS, Crone's, etc" - James C

"My reasons to use are many. Stress, depression, IBS, chronic pain and inflammation, sleep." - Lisa D

"Helps my stress and anxiety arthritis pain all my ailments I take cbd 3 times a day and smoke. Hubby has spinal cord injury helps his pain" - Karin S

"Nerve pain, Depression, Spinal stenosis, Migraines, Neuropathy" - Adam P

"It helps with side effects from Ms and my epilepsy" - Crystal H

"In many ways controls my epilepsy, help with chronic pain, less stress and anxiety and balances out my day prefect" - Michael C

"Helps with my back pain" - Irene F

"The only way I can eat without getting sick" - Sambo M

"Great pain relief" - Kelly B

"Pain, anxiety, sleep." - Denise A

"It helps me control my seizures" - Andy M

"Pain stress all in all for my epilepsy" - Casey D

"Staying sane, while living in such a corrupt world!" - TJ D

"Keeps me calm and off cigarettes" - Eileen M

"Can't say for anybody but it helps me from.choking the shit out of some people" - Mike B

"It helps me relax....I am usually all stressed out at just about everything" - Pamela R

"To stay grounded to the natural flow of energy, vibrating at a higher frequency" - Bernard P

" Helps me deal with life" - Melissa O

"Pain depression" - Brenda P

"It helped with my anxiety, clinical depression, and nerve damage in my eyes" - Marcus D

"Pain,anxiety,sleep" - Melody L

"pain, anxiety, cancer killer!!!!" - Judy L

"Pain,Panic,Anxiety" - Linda W

"I'm a navy vet.& It helps with nightmares & PTSD" - Jerry B

"Glaucoma, PTSD, sadness, and my weird. Sleep disorder" - Cheryl T

"Makes me super tired, after smoking, I can go to bed and sleep!" - Sandy S

" Migraines from a TBI, PTSD and all around pain and feeling better !!!

Cannabis heals !!!!" - Brian B

"I have multiple sclerosis it helps me with that and helps me with my PBA helps me with my depression helps me with my anxiety it just helps me. And my sleep I would rather smoke marijuana then take pills" - Scott F

"chronic pain,glaucoma,depression and sleep" - Brenda W

"Relaxes me" - Tracy T

"Keeps me from needing to take a million pills to be out of pain also makes me smile and nicer lol" - Shelly L

"Ok here we go , I’m 51 , 5 back surgeries, two of them went bad , depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, I’ve been on hydros , methadone, zannox , and other meds for blood pressure, water pills from the blood pressure pills , I’m on disability and have been for almost 20 years ... without cannabis I would be immobile, fresh out of a twenty year toxic relationship and totally ready to LIVE..." - Donna L

"I can't do much cannabis I can't afford it for one,have kids in house for 2, don't know people to get it from for 3 its illegal here, but helps my fibromyalgia pain extremely. And I have 6 yes 6 ruptured disk in my back. And I'm diabetic so I also have neuropathy pain. And it if I can get a good quality bud it's great feels so good to be pain free for a while" - Donna C

"Marijuana helps me with anxiety and depression and also helps with my lack of appetite. It makes me think more level headed when handling tough situations" - Jeff S

"Well after brain cancer sidelined me I went through all the rad n chemo treatments. 38. Smokin weed helped with everything from hard core throw in up to all the continuous headaches I had to just help in me get thru another day. Recently stopped takin any more oxys headaches are no longer an issue for me. I know smoking weed is so much better than opioid!s" - Kelly B

"Helps me stay away from the devil alcohol" - Orlando V

"Helps my migraines , and other issues" - Linda E

"Central nervous system damage since I was a child & Chronic back injury 6 years ago it's all Good!" - Michael L

" For my nerve damage I have throughout my body" - Liane G

" I have Bipolar Disorder with Anxiety, I have meds, but feel like a slave to them, and one causes a muscle reaction disorder. Smoking an indica at night helps to control the muscle spasms, helps keep my anxiety under control, and helps with keeping my mental state on a more even keel so I can sleep. I'd love to ditch the meds completely, but those chains are so ingrained, I don't know if I could ever completely get off them. Smoking is the only thing that helps me feel more in control of myself" - Jamie L

"Sleeping neuropathy anxiety depression" - Candace C

"Help’s me not have seizures Amen" - Sherry W

" I’m 52 have PTSD and have had many stomach surgery’s in last 8 years had 11 stomach surgery’s and have bad knees and bad back had been using pain meds Sense 1998 and just stop using pain meds 2 years ago cause cannabis helps better and also helps my PTSD and anxiety and seems to help my stomach issues as well I was miserable being in pain meds they had me on so much morphine and OxyContin and Dilotin that I barely knew who I was or even stay awake let’s just say my friends love the new change in me" - Chris L

"Omg I wouldn't be able to even get out of bed because of



"It helps me with my anxiety disorder and helps me from having panic attacks I have been known to have two to three panic attacks a day it has kept me healthy." - Nathan

"It's very relaxing!" - Linda

"After much encouragement from my boyfriend I am writing this. I was hooked on opiates for 3 years.  I got into a out patient suboxone program which saved my life! The thing is once I was on suboxone I was a slave to it! Monthly Dr. appointments, monthly drug screening and this continued for the past 15 years of my life. I met a wonderful man who uses medical marijuana for pain management. He taught me so much about marijuana and the amazing things it does for you! I went to my Dr and said I want off of suboxone and want to use marijuana, he looked at me and said well we don’t have any sort of exit plan in place. What? So my boyfriend and I came up w/ our own exit plan and 2 months later I stopped taking the suboxone and now use marijuana on a daily basis and have been the happiest I have been in years!" - Jeniffer R